What Lights You Up?

I’m enchanted by fireflies. I remember seeing them for the first time in a hedgerow and being awe struck. Those little creatures flip an internal chemical switch and light themselves up!

I start my day with a meditation practice that includes journaling with writing prompts that I select depending on my mood. One of those prompts is: How can you amplify your light up today?

My prompt list also includes “Intentions” which can turn into a sort of To Do list. BUT, I do my best to balance that list with “light up.”

I would sooner sacrifice productivity and have a day where I also savour life’s magic and wonder. Strangely, once I turn my attention to light up, I notice productivity often goes up anyway.

Other things light me up too… those iridescent blue Amazonian butterflies, phosphorescent ocean plankton and the scent of certain roses…

And YOU, what lights you up?

Susannah Kenton

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