Trust the Unfolding

When life feels challenging, I like to remind myself to “trust the unfolding.” That simple phrase helps me surrender control and lean into presence.

Fern fronds do this effortlessly. They don’t compare themselves with one another (“he’s unfurling faster than me!”) or worry about missing a deadline (“I should have fully unfurled by now!”) A mysterious inner pulse of life guides them to do their thing and they just unfold.

That same pulse exists in each of us. Like a wise river of knowing that flows beneath the surface of our lives, it guides us to unfold in our own unique way and perfect time.

Next time you find yourself arguing with reality and wishing things were different, pause and take a breath. Feel into the magical unfurling of a frond. Listen within for the next micro-movement in your own unfolding.

It may not come just yet. That’s okay. It may come as a whisper. Trust it. It may come as a bold next step to take – trust that too.

The Unfolding knows what it is doing through us and in my experience it has our back every step of the way.

Susannah Kenton

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