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Yesterday I came across a little girl who had just found a four-leaf clover. Her family was so excited for her and I was too. I thought how fun it would be to find one myself.

In 2000, I learned a form of prayer/manifestation work based on Science of Mind at Agape in Los Angeles. It’s called Affirmative Prayer and I have used it in sessions and circles ever since – often with amazing results.

I decided to put my prayer skills to the test in hunting clover. The principles of this work teach that you pray not to God, but from God. You acknowledge that you are one with the Creator and all of creation and through intention you allow the energy of Source to out-picture as what you desire to manifest.

I centered myself and set my sights on finding a four-leaf clover. An Internet search will tell you they are quite rare – about 1 in every 10,000 clovers will have four leaves. It felt like hunting a needle in a haystack.

I imagined how good it would feel to stumble across one without having to examine 9,999 three-leaf ones in the process. I thought about how blessed and grateful I would feel. I tried looking hard. I tried looking nonchalantly. No luck. I decided I would let the clover to come to me in its own good time and I went home.

Today was hot and sunny and I took my dog to her favourite park with a stream where she could cool off and hunt for eels and river rats. While she was fishing I noticed an abundance of clover on the bank, so I thought I’d resume my hunt.

I was preoccupied with having chosen to take a day of vocal rest in the hopes of recovering from having recently lost my voice. As I stood in front of a patch of clover I had a thought that I would take a vow of silence until my voice returns and commit to not speaking no matter what. I also had the thought it could be a magical retreat time for moving inward, getting still and shifting consciousness. As I felt the excitement of that “vow” I looked down and at my feet was a perfect four-leaf clover shining up at me.

Susannah Kenton

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