Welcome to the Tap Yourself Free Mini Series!

Things are about to get so good! You’re going to learn to quickly clear difficult emotion and shift your thinking around any issue causing you stress or upset.

Ready for more freedom?

Let’s jump in.

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Tap Yourself Free Mini Series

Image of Susannah Kenton Tapping

Video One:

What’s so great about Tapping?

Tapping may look weird but it’s a powerful tool for personal transformation and emotional freedom. Once you know the basics you can “try it on everything.”

Image of Susannah Kenton Tapping

Video Two:

Mastering Emotional Energy with EFT

Learning to work with the “darker emotions” and clearing stuck emotional energy from your body clears you out for “some new delight” and allows you to feel your lighter emotions like joy, enthusiasm and bliss more fully.

Image of Susannah Kenton Tapping

Video Three:

The Tapping Points

Learn the basic sequence of 9 tapping points that covers all of the acupuncture meridian end points to stimulate every organ system in your body and clear stuck energy.

Image of Susannah Kenton Tapping

Video Four:

Tapping to De-Stress

Think of a situation that is currently causing you stress. You’re going to rate that stress on a scale of 0-10 and follow along with the tapping and prompts.

Image of Susannah Kenton Tapping

Video Five:

Lean into Light Up

Difficult emotions and challenging experiences can be used as a gateway to access “Source energy” within your own body.